Jessica L. Lead Dental Assistant, Employed February 2002

Childrens Dentists Arizona JessicaJessica was born at Williams Air Force Base in Gilbert, Arizona and spent her entire life in Tempe, Arizona-except for a short military family transfer to Hill Air Force Base in Utah. She began her association with Children's Dental Village before she could crawl! As a granddaughter of Joyce Anne and Alan Longfellow she made early and many visits to CDV. During junior and high school she spent after-school hours filing folders and licking stamps. "I have grown up with this office. A lot of people on our staff as well as parents of our practice have known me since I was a baby! I have a lot of fun working here especially because I'm like everyone's daughter."

Her love of children and interest in dental technology led her to choose pediatric dentistry as a career. Classes at Mesa Community College expanded her knowledge of dentistry and prepared her to join our staff.

Jessica has twin boys and lives with her husband in Chandler.

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