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Orthodontic Care

Creating smiles that last a lifetime...

Dr. Lepetich believes that caring for a pediatric patient is more than diagnosing and completing a procedure. Over the years, his concern for children’s oral health expanded beyond pediatric dentistry and he became particularly sensitive to the delicate emotions of children who hesitated to smile because their teeth were not as straight as they wished them to be. Dr. Lepetich developed such a strong interest in orthodontics that he completed additional instruction in the delivery of orthodontic care for his patients in addition to pediatric dentistry.

orthodontic care in phoenix - childrens dental village

Braces 101

  • Traditional Braces
  • Invisible Braces
orthodontic care phoenix - childrens dental village

What to Expect

  • When should my child be evaluated?
  • Orthodontic Records
  • Diagnosis and Treatment Plan
  • Consultation
  • Placement Day
  • Home Care
  • Follow-up Appointments
childrens dental village orthodontic care phoenix arizona

Life with Braces

  • Eating
  • Discomfort
  • Oral Hygiene
orthodontic care in phoenix arizona - childrens dental village

Emergency Services

  • Broken/Loose Bracket
  • Loose/Poking Wire
  • Sore Teeth/Mouth Irritations
  • Emergencies
orthodontic care in phoenix arizona


  • Retainers
  • Tongue Thrusting Appliances
  • Thumbsucking Appliances
orthodontic care in phoenix arizona childrens dental village

Smile Gallery

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As we continue to adapt to the changing nature of Covid-19, our office routinely monitors the Community Level of Covid-19 as part of CDC public indoor guidance/safety protocols. Currently, our community level is HIGH, which means masks are required in our waiting area, and we will continue to follow strict infection control protocol for all exams and procedures.

The health and safety of our patients, families, and team are our top priority. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.