Restorative Dentistry

Children’s Dental Village encourages families to focus on preventive oral care to avoid issues that may require additional treatment. However, as parents ourselves, we understand that things happen! Decay can occur despite proper hygiene, teeth can break or even get knocked out. Fortunately, Children’s Dental Village offers a variety of services to restore your child’s smile.

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  • Tooth-colored fillings - Made of a durable compound that is similar in both texture and color to natural teeth, tooth-colored fillings are available for a stronger, longer-lasting and aesthetically-pleasing results for our patients.
  • Extractions - The process of "wiggling out a tooth" will occasionally be recommended in order to make way for a permanent tooth to erupt. In rare cases, an extraction may be recommended because a tooth has advanced decay.
  • Nerve Treatments – If decay reaches the nerve of a tooth, the nerve may need to be treated in order to save the tooth and to maintain the vitality of the remaining nerve tissue. Following the nerve treatment, a crown is usually placed to protect against fracture. 
  • Composite crowns – Made of composite "white" filling material, composite crowns can improve the look, shape, size and color to a damaged or decayed tooth and restore a happy smile. Crowns can also serve to protect the tooth from further decay.
  • Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) application - Silver diamine fluoride is an FDA-approved treatment that may be recommended for children with excessive decay, patients with special needs or young children who may have difficulty cooperating for treatment.   While the treatment is an effective interim therapy to stop further development of cavities, it also causes irreversible staining of the affected area.  Dr. Padilla or Dr. Lepetich may recommend this alternative as part of a comprehensive treatment plan.  

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