Children’s Dental Village Community Outreach Day 2013

Winston Churchill once said, We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.

As we move toward economic recovery, we have been moved by the capacity of our community to help fill the gaps for those in need of assistance…from filling up boxes at “Feed My Starving Children” to simply gathering a few unused blankets around the house to keep homeless animals warm in our shelters to dropping our spare change into donation buckets. When community members are in need, the community rallies. As was the case last month when the team at Children’s Dental Village donated their time and talent to treat a handful of children from the Tempe Elementary School District who are without an avenue for dental care. Children nationwide miss more than 750,000 school days each year as a result of dental problems and related conditions. This can have an impact on not only the child, but the parent who has to stay with the child and the school that loses funding when the child is absent.

Even though our semi-annual community outreach days are designed to help students within the Tempe Elementary School District, the team at Children’s Dental Village finds that the smiles of the children who come to see us and the expressions of gratitude from the parents warm our hearts and recharge our energy. We hope to not only alleviate the child’s pain, but to begin a positive relationship in learning how to dance between dental care and the child…promoting good oral health that will continue into adulthood. Thank you to the Tempe Elementary School District who continues to provide us the opportunity to meet new friends and make a difference in a child’s life.